La banane. Le meilleur du fruit dans le monde, notre base cosmétique

The banana and the Canary Islands have a special relationship. For centuries, this fruit has provided an economic livelihood very important for the archipielago. The landscape of the western islands are full of green valleys with a lot of banana trees which attest of this ancestral connection.

Furthermore, Canary Islands have one of the clearest skies in the world, that is why from our skies the stars are observed like in few places in the world. Also, our seas are categorized as one of the meccas of diving, thanks to their clarity and cleaning. This makes that the grown fruit in the archipielago grows free of contamination.

The banana is the king of the fruits: is the most consumed in a direct way over the planet. Just the orange is more consumed if we consider its various applications in juices, desserts, etc. The reason the banana is the favourite fruit of all is due to the high vitamin content and minerals like zinc, selenium, magnesium and potassium. The zinc, the selenium and the magnesium are minerals used massively in hair care products, even for preventing hair loss.