Votre peau et vous

The skin is much more than a simple wrapper. It is the heaviest living organ of the human body can protect you from physical, chemical or microbial external attacks by various cellular and immunological mechanisms thanks to its impermeability, strength and flexibility. You must not forget that despite everything, its thickness varies depending on the area of ​​the body; eyelids, only half inch apart.

The skin should undergo a delicate and respectful care, so the first thing you need is to know your skin type. The needs of an oily skin, are completely different from those of dry skin. Knowing this, you can choose wisely which natural cosmetics be beneficial to keep your skin healthy. The skin hydration is vital in this process, and requires daily care moisturizer that balances the water level in all layers.

And remember that not only internal factors, but also external as pollution, snuff or stress, have effects on the health of your skin.